Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Cooperative Road Thong Network

Sherlock Holmes had his "Baker Street Irregulars;"  I have the Cooperative Road Thong Network to complement my own investigations.

The Team:
(out of respect for the participants, no last names without permission)
  • Mark Anderson (x2)
  • Carolyn Barkley
  • Ernie B.
  • Amanda B.
  • Cary B.
  • Cristina B.
  • Stacy B.
  • Andy C. (x4)
  • Shawn D.
  • Adam E.
  • Harry Fang (x2)
  • Sydney F. (x2)
  • Christine F.
  • Claudia G-M (x2)
  • Elizabeth H.
  • Mark I.
  • Bill L. (a different one--not me!) 
  • Rob L. 
  • Peter L.
  • Jana P (x2)
  • Jeff T.
  • John V. (x3)
  • Katherine L.
  • Lauren P. (x3) 
  • Molly P.
  • Teresa R. and Rick M. 
  • Mike S. (x2)
  • Tom S.
  • Tsahai T.
  • Brian Thompson (x2)

The Collection:

2018-10-03 From Bill L. Southgate Rd, Arlington Va:,-77.070963

From Andy C. Lake Placid NY 2018-09-06

2018-09-02 From Andy C. South Portland Me.

2018-08-12 From Lauren P. Gold's gym parking lot, Arlington.

2018-07-20 from Christina B. Table Rock Mtn, Golden, Colorado.

2017-12-31 from John V. Albuquerque North Diversion Channel path, between Menaul & Candelaria.

2017-11-27. From Amanda B. Dulles baggage claim.

2017-11-25 from Mark Anderson (#2) Ft Collins, Co, Coordinates: 40.577882, -105.073785

2017-11-25 From Rob L on Riffleford Rd, near the Baptist church.  39.145957, -77.289074

2017-10-02 from Ernie B. Flagstaff Az during a pee-stop on a mountain bike tour. 

2017-09-11 from Sydney F, Bloomsburg, PA

2017-08-05 from Molly P. At Scott's Run Nature Park, Loudoun, VA

2017-06-25 from Stacy B Target @ Rio, Gaithersburg, MD 39.118, -77.202 (submitted 2017-07-11)

2017-07-04 From Katherine L. Quebec City, Canada.

2017-06-01 from Mark I at Fort Washington Park:    38.711054, -77.029593

2017-05-29 Roy Rd Sandia Puebla NM from John V.

2017-02-19 From Andy C. Clifton Inn  Charlottesville Va

2017-02-08 From Teresa R and Rick M. Waikoko Beach, Hawaii

From Sydney F. 2017-02-07 Bloomsburg U Lycoming Hall 3rd Floor.

2016-09-15. From Mike S.
Eastview building, corner of N Randolph and Fairfax Drive, 8th floor.  

2016-07-12 Thomas S on Riffle Ford Rd, near the sewage treatment plant. SO Brand

2016-06-01 From Adam E on the W&OD bike path near the East Falls Church Metro.

2016-05-22 from Cary B, Pittsburgh, PA

2016-05-27 From Claudia G-M. On the trail near the Kennedy Center.

2016-05-20 From John V  8th and Gold, Albuquerque, NM

2016-03-24 from Mike S. On the Mt Vernon trail just south of Crystal City intersection.

2016-03-22 from Andy C. corner of South Wakefield and 28th Rd South in Arlington. Stick came attached. Apparently no poking

 2016-03-08 From Claudia G-M on the Capital Crescent Trail

A "meta sighting" from Christine F. On US 211 going west up to Thornton Gap. Thanks for stopping!

 From Harry Fang (submission #2) on Buffalo Mountain, VA 

From Carolyn Barkley, on Rt 11 between markers 46 and 47  in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park near the trailhead for "The Great Crack"  2015-12-21. Joe Boxer brand

2015-11-06 courtesy of Mark Anderson, from his yard in Fort Collins, Co.

2015-10-22 at Upton Hill Regional Park, courtesy of Peter Lindeman.

2015-08-27 from Shawn D--the first husband/wife independent submission. Size L7, Herring Run Park, Baltimore, Md.

2015-07-19 from Elizabeth H on her first ride back after surgery. Ednor Gardens, Baltimore, Md. 

2015-05-14 from Harry Fang at 3302 Jones Bridge Road, Chevy Chase, MD 20815.

2015-April: A dual sighting in early April 2015 from Brian Thompson on Rt 17C 3 miles west of Endicott, NY

2014-04-11 from Lauren P at Virginia Square Metro 7:30AM. Definitely from the "Walk of Shame."

2015-04-04 from Lauren P, in Arlington, VA

2014-09-26 Never used! Kind of a Minnie Pearl version. Seen in Washington DC. Contributed by Tsahai.
2014-08-06 From Jeff T. Spotted on the banks of the Charles River, in Boston, Mass.
2014-06-24 from Bath, England. contributed by Jana P
2014-04-20. Somewhere in Rockville, Md. Contributed by Jana P